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What People Are Saying

In Stronger Together, Nicole Mahoney empowers readers to reconsider how they look at collaborations. The book contains frameworks, relevant data, practical tips, and case studies that cross the breadth of her years of experience in the travel industry, giving readers a plethora of tools, inspiration, and insight."

Roni Weiss

Executive Director, Travel Unity

I used to think of collaborations as a nice to have, not a need to have. Collaborations struck me as coordination hell.  Reading Stronger Together changed my mind. In the messy middle of collaboration is where the big ideas are found. Big ideas that move your business and change the world. Nicole’s collaboration framework shows how to quickly get to and through that magical middle. Stronger Together made me a believer: so many more possibilities emerge when we collaborate. "

Jennifer Fondrevay

Global Speaker, Best-selling Author, Founder Day 1 Ready M&A Consultancy

Stronger Together: Building World-Changing Collaborations that Succeed is a blueprint that was born out of experience, testing, application, and refinement. Nicole Mahoney provides practical example after example that demonstrates what she calls "The 3-C Framework for Collaboration" and how to apply it. She's based the book on hundreds of podcast interviews she recorded with industry experts and thought leaders, her own first-hand experience earned from 35 years in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry, and third-party research studies that she commissioned. This book will give you everything necessary to go out and build your own successful collaborations. I highly recommend it." 

Stephen Woessner

CEO of Predictive ROI and bestselling author

The book suggests ideas and solutions which may not be natural to you, collaborating closely with other organizations, even your competitors! To accomplish more, we need to make sure that we are open to and use the power of collaboration with ALL we possibly can.

We all know what you see when you throw a pebble into a flat pond, small ripples expanding out from where the pebble hit the water. Using collaboration is like throwing a big rock instead of a pebble, you go from ripples to waves! 

I highly recommend this book and suggest that you use a new highlighter as you read it, there are so many great ideas that you’ll want to refer back to!"

Peter Parts

Entrepreneur & Past Interim Director at RIT's Venture Creations Incubator

Nicole Mahoney’s vivid style of writing infuses her advice with critically true admonitions for our times, be you in business, tourism, hospitality, travel, or wanting to make your community function better: 'Be genuine and prepared for courageous conversations,' and 'bring your best self to the collective.' You can trust this book. Do yourself a favor—give a copy to someone you want to collaborate with."

Rick Antonson

Former President & CEO, Tourism Vancouver, Past Chair, Destinations International, and Author, 'Train Beyond the Mountains;' 'Journeys on the Rocky Mountaineer'
The 3-C Framework for Collaboration
The 3-C Framework for Collaboration

What You Will Get Out of 'Stronger Together'

  • A collaboration framework that will lead to business success.
  • An expanded knowledge of the power of collaborations.
  • A tool kit to help you use collaboration to obtain new opportunities, make powerful connections and improve your bottom line.

About the Author

Nicole Mahoney is an entrepreneur, speaker, and podcast host with a passion for business. She’s the founder of Break the Ice Media, a PR and digital marketing agency specializing in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry, and also serves as the CEO of Travel Alliance Partners. In her weekly podcast, Destination on the Left, launched in 2016, she interviews tourism professionals from all over the globe on creativity and collaboration.


She commissioned a first-of-its-kind research study in 2020 to examine what makes partnerships successful and explore the role collaboration is playing in helping the industry recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Those results, her recorded conversations with more than 300 podcast guests, and her personal experience formed the basis for this book. Nicole resides in Canandaigua, New York, just outside of Rochester.

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